A series of photographic works obscuring feminine perspective and identity.

Rosy Leake, 'My body, my Landscape', 2018. This work was selected in the Little Things Art Prize at Saint Cloche Gallery Paddington 2019.

The human body is a landscape; a panorama of ridges, crevices and endless horizons. How we document the human form as both a sight (a spectacle) and a site (of desire and projection) can alter the spectators relationship to it. By dissecting the form into macro images I have attempted to manipulate the photographic space in which we view the body, not as a complete form but as a macro viewing of its parts. By not allowing the spectator to see the full form, my work transforms the ‘spectacle” of the body into a new form entirely. When taken away from their natural context on the body, many shapes and features of the body appear as abstract and surrealist landscapes while others take on a grotesque appearance as we cannot locate its natural origin.

My series of photographic works echoes concepts of feminine identity through a re-definition of the ‘landscape’ subject matter - an expansive yet vulnerable terrain of forms.

Looking at artists such as Jill Orr who uses the female body in a series of environmental performance works that consist of video documentation as well as a final series of photographs, I drew inspiration from the obscurity and surrealist nature of her work. In her photographs the body is dislocated and exiled from its natural state and de-contextualised into an obscure and context-less form. I also found the work of Francesca Woodman relevant to my concept as she deals with an intense exploration of feminine identity. Woodman challenges the relation between artist, model and camera by photographing herself for herself, a self portrait in a literal sense but moreover it is an oscillation between subject and object.

Body Landscape photographic series by Rosy Leake.


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