Ceramicist and sculptor Rosy Leake combines archaeology with art to reference the histories of her familial land.

Rosy Leake, Untitled, 2018. Found clays, pottery shards, metal, glass, ash. 20 x 6cm.

Sydney based artist Rosy Leake surveys the natural and human histories of her familial land through her archaeological ceramic installations. Exploring concepts of lineage, loss and recovery, her practice is heavily influenced and dictated by process and material as she relies on naturally found clays, objects and glazing materials to construct her works. Leake’s site-specific sculptures straddle art, science and history, employing techniques unique to the fields of soil science and archaeology as much as ceramics and art. The unpredictable finish of her glaze allows for her memory of the land to be told in an ambiguous and highly personal manner while the precariousness of her sculptural structures nod to a feeling of fragility and loss. By referencing her grandmother’s ceramic art practice and her father’s love of soil science, Leake has embedded multiple histories into her sculptures to create a body of work that is familiar yet eerily foreign.


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